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Soon Available

Soon Available

PhotonClean Portable series of high power laser Cleaning machines

850 W - 1100 W - 1600 Watt high power laser surface cleaning series

Rust Cleaning by Laser:

It’s fast, safe, and it cleans without the need of any harsh media or chemicals.

Oxidation occurs when atmospheric and environmental conditions interact with metal surfaces, causing the metal to corrode, or rust. This significantly hinders the lifespan and performance of parts and equipment. While traditional methods of rust removal and corrosion control involve blasting and lots of protective equipment, laser cleaning provides a better way forward.  

Laser cleaning offers a safe and much faster way to remove rust from any type of metal. It fully removes corrosion to the bare metal without altering the integrity of the metal. It also eliminates the hassle of having to dispose of hazardous waste. This means that once the cleaning is done, the job is done – providing the perfect solution for aircraft, ship, and armored vehicle maintenance.

The quick setup and teardown time also makes laser cleaning a time saver for you and your team.