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Sécurité avec laser

La classe de protection laser 4 s'applique à tous nos équipements laser lorsqu'ils sont en fonctionnement.

Laser protection class 4 applies to all our laser equipment when in operation.

It is possible to use industrial lasers without enclosures!

However, in order to make them  safe to use, personal protective equipment must be used (laser safety glasses) and access to the surrounding area needs to be controlled by interlocks or other means.
Different measures are therefore required on the customer side to ensure laser safety, such as the appropriate training of employees, wearing special protective equipment and setting up a separate laser safety area.
Special signage is required and other procedures must be implemented to enforce the laser-controlled area.

Photonics Solutions for the Metal Industry

Laser Welding - Laser Cutting - Laser Cleaning - Laser Marking - Laser Engraving

Laser Light

It travels at 299.792.458 meters per sec. Its visible spectrum ranges from 400 to 700 nanometers. Its smallest unit is a packet of energy, a photon. It is light, and its use is growing in tube and pipe production and fabrication facilities throughout the world.
In most of its natural and artificial forms, light has little power. However, a groundbreaking invention in the latter half of the 1950s increased its power and concentrated it in a small area. Thus was born a modern and revolutionary concept:  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or laser.

Laser sources for the metal working industry

Specific laser sources for specific jobs

Technological Evolution and innovation are often signs of market demands: today there is a real interest in laser applications which become increasingly involved in metal working industry. 
The most used sources for metal working lasers today are following 3 groups of laser sources:


=>crystal/fiber optic lasers (YAG and Fiber Lasers)

=>solid state lasers (diode lasers, disk lasers and DPSS lasers)

Laser Welding

Laser Sources for Metal Welding

CW - Laser


Short pulse laser

YAG Laser

Laser Cutting

Laser Sources for Metal Cutting

Laser Cleaning

Laser Sources for Metal Cleaning

Laser Marking-Engraving

Laser Sources for Marking / Engraving

Laser Hardening

Laser Sources for Hardening