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ZERO TAIL Material left over

Intelligent tube support design

Three-chuck configuration

Floating Tube Support, Horizontal Tube Clamping

ZERO LOSS Tube cutting

realizes both end tube cutting with perfect tube support


Three Chucks Zero Remains Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Professional cutting laser for cutting tubes, and pipes of all possible metal materials with a maximum length of 6000 mm. The LFT-Zero-Loss Tube cutting laser version is equipped with an automatic clamping that is able to rotate the material with a diameter of 20 - 210 mm for tubes and 20 - 150 mm for square profiles. Similar to the CNC laser version for sheet metal cutting, this fiber laser works with the highest possible accuracy and speed and is characterized by quality of workmanship.

ZERO TAIL Material left over

Intelligent tube support design

Clamping without the need for retooling

With the 3 chuck + gripper clamping system, tubes can be manufactured across the entire clamping range without the need for retooling.

Tube Cutt-off gripper for long workpieces

3 chucks and one big tube gripper care about the tube handling