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NEW: LFT-E-Series: Available April 2021

Affordable Entry Series with 6m lenth and 220mm Diameter

Market Potential and Efficiency of Fiber laser Tube cutting

The tube market is growing and still open to newcomers

The steadily increasing demand for laser-cut tubes combined with the limited availability of suitably equipped manufacturers means that in the most cases high margins can be achieved.
To date, only a limited number of suppliers have adopted laser tube cutting – but those that have are remarkably successful. lasermach customers report that they have significantly boosted sales of laser-cut tubes and profiles by emphasizing the advantages of this new method of fabrication in their marketing activities. Many of them have soon found themselves operating two shifts, and investing in additional laser tube cutting machines within just a few years.

AFFORDABLE Laser tube cutting machines

Tubes and profiles are used in many applications, from mechanical engineering and system construction to the furniture industry. Lasers have opened up new design possibilities, so more and more designers are taking advantage of the benefits of laser-cut tubes and profiles in order to considerably increase demand. Discover the comprehensive solutions for laser tube cutting and learn what Lasermach Tube machines can do!

Wide-range of Tube Cutting


The largest cutting diameter that can be held is 220mm and can realize precise cutting of
round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, angle steel, channel steel, long round tube and elliptical tube. 

Maximum Laser Power: 3kW

8 meter long Bed is available

Diameter 160mm or 220mm

The benefits of Tube and beam Fiber Laser cutting

Lasermach tubes and beam fiber laser cutting technology allows for the automatic production of parts designed in CAD, with precision and repeatability. It performs various operations that once required several machines, such as a saw for cutting, a drill for drilling, a milling machine for contouring, a grinder for grinding, etc.

The ability to design and produce parts that fit together in a precise and simple fashion ensures a considerable reduction in the time and cost of assembly, eliminating intermediate storage of semi-processed parts and allowing assembly directly at the construction site. In addition, FIBER Laser tube and Beam cutting technology offers the ability to design in a new way, one that is modular and parametric of parts and therefore of structures, thanks to the ability to perform any trajectory, orthogonal or not in relation to the surface thus obtaining bevels for welding at full or partial penetration.