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3D Zero Loss laser Tube Cutting

Three-dimensional five-axis tube cutting - realizes bevel cutting in ±135° and 3D cutting.



LFT III-3D Zero: ZERO LOSS 5 axis Tubes and Profiles Laser cutting Machine

High-quality bevel cuts up to 135° on Front and Backside + ZERO waste of material

3D Tube Laser Cutting


Tube laser Lasertube LFT-3D-Zero-Loss is a modern technological solution for the processing of tubes and profiles. Allows us to rapidly and accurately produce products. The process of using 3D laser tube-cutting equipment as a one-off operation on the one hand replaces a number of traditional methods of handling tubes and profiles, and on the other hand enables new design solutions that were not possible at all with previous technology.

3D technology has a wide range of uses. It can handle both open profiles, flat steel and profiles of various shapes. It allows us to process steel, aluminium and stainless steel to the tube diameter from 18 to 210 mm and weight up to 25 kg/m. Tube laser in addition to multi-tasking features exquisite precision. Shorter manufacturing processes and high quality products save time and money.

LFT-III-3D Standard Range of cutting dimensions

Diagonal cutting – one function that changes everything

Our 3D tube laser cutting machines' ability to pivot their cutting head in an additional, fifth axis, even up to 45°, represents the solution to one of the greatest problems in modern profile machining. When the laser beam always meets the tube being machined at precisely 90°, this results in an elliptical cutting edge with as reesult none close fitting assemblies. Now the option to pivot the tube laser cutting head, together with the feed axis, makes it possible to achieve a fully diagonal cut and to make perfect fittings in your constructions. 

Three Chucks Zero Remains Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Real zero Tailing | Three-chuck tube fiber laser cutting machine launch!

Lasermach new LFT-III-3D-ZERO series three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine, innovating the double-chuck clamping method, adopts a three-chuck design, which can maintain the front, middle, and rear three-point clamping support of the pipe in real-time and can correct the pipe bending problem. The relative cutting efficiency of some pipes is 5%-10% higher than that of the double chuck pipe cutting machine. The pipe cutting is true ‘zero tailing’, helping customers to achieve fast, high-quality, and low-cost production and processing.

Professional cutting laser for cutting tubes, and pipes of all possible metal materials with a maximum length of 6000 mm. The LFT-Zero-Loss Tube cutting laser version is equipped with an automatic clamping that is able to rotate the material with a diameter of 20 - 220 mm for tubes and 20 - 150 mm for square profiles.

Ingenious design

  • Semi-enclosed visual protective cover

  • Rocker type industrial computer

  • Vertical lift door

  • Split tube support

Three-Chuck Tube Cutting System, intelligent control

FSCUT5000 Three-Chuck Tube Cutting System, intelligent control

  • Real-time compensation of pipe center deviation, reducing pipe clamping requirements and higher efficiency;
  • The pipe has higher perforation accuracy and more accurate cutting.
  • Based on the bus real-time system and integrated control, the pipe corner-cutting is faster;
  • The corner following is more stable, and the cutting quality is more reliable.


Double-sided follow-up tube support device

  • Double-sided support device for tubes

It will reduce processing errors, ensure uniform force on the entire metal pipe, and improve cutting accuracy.

  • The chuck and support device are highly synchronized

Real-time feeding to prevent the reduction of cutting accuracy due to pipe distortion.

3D tube nesting software TubesT, meet your production needs

TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software for the FLT-III-3D-ZERO series. From parts drawing and modification, full type compensation, strategic nesting to report generation, using TubesT will meet and exceed your production needs.

  • Intelligent Nesting
  • Flexible Common Line
  • Quick Import
  • Drawing Modification
  • Nesting Report
  • Perfect fitting of your assembly


  • 3D tube laser cutting technology replaces a number of traditional methods at one time.
  • Replace a band saw and a drill, allows milling or chamfer edges.
  • Reducing production time and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Extremely flexibility, precision and top quality cutting, as well as wide field of application.
  • Open profiles and flat steel can be processed, as well as profiles of various shapes, with diameter 18-210 mm 
  • Automatic nesting of elements reduces the waste and optimizes the manufacture time.
  • Automated parameter settings and tube feeding speed.
  • Front and backside cutting on the tube = full utilisation
  • Catch before it falls principle

Three-chuck configuration

Floating Tube Support, Horizontal Tube Clamping

ZERO LOSS Tube cutting

realizes both end tube cutting with perfect tube support


Clamping without the need for retooling

With the 3 chuck + gripper clamping system, tubes can be manufactured across the entire clamping range without the need for retooling.


Front an Backside working

Structural beams laser cutting

A new way of making architecture

At the start of the third millennium, architectural development based primarily on the use of reinforced concrete is outdated. Today’s architecture has to deal with new paradigms: reduce land consumption, restore and salvage buildings, use recyclable materials and products, repurpose buildings at the end of their service life with attention to social and environmental costs.

Steel is an effective solution for this philosophy: it is seismically safe due to the lightness and flexibility, traceable, high performing and cost-effective. Steel has a high architectural and expressive value and reliable construction timing. Use of steel saves energy, allows thermal and acoustic efficiency and it is 100% recyclable which supports a circular economy.

Lasertube cutting technology provides an effective contribution to the production of steel structures. Thanks to the new possibilities and cutting geometries offered by Lasermach Fiber laser Tube and beam cutting, it allows finding new junction shapes between structural elements, offering new scenarios for designers that contribute to further increasing the advantages of building with steel.

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