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Tube Mill inline Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Flying saw : Especially for SS argon gas welded round tube milling line


Cold saw with laser beam - Fast and Economical inline tube cutting with light

Tube Mill & Cutting Inline : LX Series

In line laser tube cutting machine for Tube-mill

LX Tube mill&inline Series Laser cutting machines combines the fruitful experiences in the “inline HSS saw cutter” and the fiber laser technology, launch the unique and brand new

“Laser Inline Synchronous Cutting Machine”
This machine can transform the tube making process from the coil to finished products directly, cancel the offline cutting process, greatly improve the overall efficiency, and reduce the production cost.

Precision cutting with encoder, cutting length accuracy can reach ±0.3mm

  • The clamping tube angle of the encoder is adjustable, and it can also avoid the welding seam so that the encoder wheel can less beating frequency.
  • Using incremental encoder, long transmission distance, automatic clearing zero after each cutting.
  • It uses servo and rack for synchronization structure, can offer high cutting accuracy and fast return speed.


● Innovation design for tube manufacturing industry
● Automatically tracking, synchronizing, cutting and returning controlled by CNC system with high precision
● No secondary processing needed in production, reduce raw material waste
● Save storage space, labour & consumables, and avoid inactive stock