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WOBBLE CUBE: Laser welding made easy

Affordable CNC Laser Welding Machines

Our compact CNC laser welding machines Series "WOBBLE CUBE®", offer you an affordable way into the world of CNC laser welding. Even small and medium-sized parts can be processed in an affordable and space-saving manner. The "WOBBLE CUBE®" CNC Laserwelding cell with wobble function takes up a minimal space. The degree of operator convenience, on the other hand, is great: the laser machine is available as a standing or seated work station, with a powerful control concept that is easy and intuitive to operate.

WOBBLE CUBE: Affordable CNC laser welding machines with wobble function integrated

CNC laser welding : finally accesable for every workshop!

Wobble CUBE: Easy programmable Multiaxial Wobble welding platform

The Wobble-Cube is a CNC/HANDHELD fiber laser welding system designed and optimized for fast and reliable precision welding of complex parts.

WOBBLE CUBE: The laser welding cell that forgives imperfections

Getting into laser welding is now much easier than ever before thanks to tolerant laser welding with our Wobble function.

Seam Sealing and Butt Weld with Loose tolerance

Bridge wide gaps with our Wobble-Cube

  • Larger Wobbling Spot Size helps bridging bigger gaps
  • The required tolerance for fit-up is reduced
  • The lower tolerances needed reduce the machining costs
  • Non tolerance parts can still be used : less scrap, less losses = big savings
  • Maximum yield and quality of welded part

WOBBLE CUBE: Automatic 3 or 4 axis CNC laser welding station.

The class 1 CNC Welding laser machine for industrial and highly frequented production environments

Solid and accurate: The axes movement system ensures high precision thanks to the solid structure and the materials used.
Stable: The laser source has been designed to guarantee high operating stability both at low and high power.
Intuitive: The machine is equipped with a high flexible controller with big screen and dedicated HMI user interface.


The WOBBLE CUBE is a highly flexible workstation that combines state-of-the-art laser technology and multiple high-quality laser processes in a single laser class 1 system. Thus the system can be integrated with different CW laser sources and various processing heads.

The flexibility of the system offers a multitude of application possibilities, which comes from the ability to utilize it as a welding system or for automated Direct Metal Deposition tasks. This is where the innovation behind the WOBBLE CUBE reveals its full potential for applications of laser cladding that require cost-effective and high-quality laser processing of small to medium-sized components.

The system incorporates a high precision table with reference holes, which offers excellent stability and can also withstand high loads. Moreover, the axis speed of this precise and high-quality system is high enough for the fast laser movements at thin materials Together, these features ensure that the Wobble CUBE can meet the greatest challenges and most demanding tasks with maximum precision reliable results at a very east-effective invest.

Moving RAM CNC Laser Welding Machine

The most Flexible- Full open table structure

X = 500 mm

Y = 300 mm

Z = 400 mm

optional 4th rotary axis

Other dimensions on demand

New models CNC laser Welding machines with wobble function

Available from april 2021

Moving GANTRY CNC Laser Welding Machine

The most RIGID - Full width BRIDGING structure

X = 500 mm

Y = 300 mm

Z = 400 mm

optional 4th rotary axis

Other dimensions on demand

Standard welding heads limits each setup to a specific application.

Wobble welding heads incorporate scanning mirror technology inside a standard weld head.

The wobble welding head is equipped with a rotating lens "weaving". By moving the beam with internal mirrors, the focal spot is no longer static, and can be dynamically adjusted by changing the shape, amplitude, and frequency of various patterns. This allows the laser beam to circle within a defined radius and makes it possible to reliably bridge larger gap sizes than were possible in the past. This both with and without a welding rod, even within the same part.

CNC Laser Welding Cells

Laser welding systems by Lasermach are the perfect tool for precision metal welding. They can be used to optimally join materials with high melting temperatures as well as high conductivity. Thanks to quick programming and simple operation, the Lasermach laser welding cell is ideal for getting started with automated welding. You benefit from higher productivity and quality compared to conventional manual welding.  
With laser welding, you produce virtually distortion-free workpieces with the highest level of precision. Superior quality weld seams require hardly any reworking. At the same time, our CNC systems provide highly productive and very repetitive processes for large quantities with high repeatability or flexibility for changing lot sizes. Unitary pieces, small and big batch files run perfectly on our cnc laser welding systems

The plug-and-play integration of the Wobble CNC Welder

Lasermach’s Wobble CNC Series laser welding systems are flexible, low cost, lean-manufacturing-ready for precision laser spot and laser seam welding of medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace components as well as a broad range of other industrial applications.

The Wobble CNC laser Welding machine is designed for metal manufacturers who are keen to enter the realm of laser welding. This automated laser welding system can handle heat conduction welding, deep penetration welding, and the FusionLine process. The system offers a range of optional loading and unloading solutions, including the possibility to load the next parts while welding is still taking place. The Lasermach Wobble multi head system gives metal manufacturers an economical way to gain a foothold in this new technology. It allows the welding machine to use a beam source also in a manual laser Welding setup, still with wobble function.

Whether it's high-speed high tech satelite engines, gearbox components in cars and trucks, airbag holders, or pacemakers – weld seams and weld points can be found in many different areas. Lasers offer almost unparalleled versatility in a range of applications, from creating fine weld points of just a millimeter in diameter in an instant, to producing deep-welded seams stretching over several meters. They produce minimal distortion and very slim seam geometries with a large depth to width ratio. Lasers can weld materials with both a high melting temperature and high heat conductivity. As a result of the minimal melt with short, controllable duration, you can also join materials that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to weld. Filler material can also be used if required.

Extremely user-friendly and ergonomic

You can operate the Wobble CNC Laser Welding Cell intuitively and easily with the interface developed by Lasermach on the basis of the Mitsubishi Syntec technology. During welding, you can use the welding parameters stored on the control system and optimized for the most common laser jobs, material types, and material thicknesses.  The CNC laser machines Wobble-CNC from lasermach can be used for two, two-and-a-half and certain three-dimensional welding, as well as for laser metal deposition (LMD) and therefore for additive manufacturing. From prototypes to large-scale series production, this multi-talented machines display their superiority across the board.

Highly dynamic and Rigid motion unit

Simple to automate

The CNC laser Weldingmachine is equipped with highly dynamic digital drives. These enable fast and precise positioning and operate almost entirely wear-free. Another advantage is that with the modular construction with up to four axes (X, Y, Z, and B axis) directly in the beam, you can very easily automate the laser machine for high quantities.

In two- or more station operation with a rotary table or pallet system, you can produce and set up and weld at the same time. This is particularly recommended for high quantities. In addition, a single loading and unloading position facilitates component handling. On request, robots or auto-loading systems can even take care of loading and unloading your parts. Total accesibility and in specific side accessibility to the Ram type CNC Woble Welder is excellent. This also enables smooth integration of the machine in complete production lines, including linear transfer and workpiece exchange systems. 

Laser welding opens up entirely new design possibilities for component construction.

Laser Welding In Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Laser welding opens up entirely new design possibilities for component construction.
  • Laser welding is a key development of the sheet metal process chain.
  • Only laser welding makes this possible.
  • The heat input is low and the heat effctive zone is minimal at high welding speeds.
  • Laser welding connections are both visually and structurally attractive, and 5-10 times faster than conventional processes.
  • Warp is minimized and expensive refinishing is almost completely eliminated with wobble laser welding.
  • Laser welding seams are very narrow and have no heat influence zone, this minimizes warping when joining parts.
  • With heat conduction laser welding, seams can be made with high quality.
  • Additional refinishing, like grinding and polishing, are no longer needed.
  • Simple-to-assemble clamping systems ensure a narrow joining gap and guarantee consistency.
  • Valves controlled with compressed air or under pressure protecction gas make automated fabrication a possibility here, too.

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