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Fully Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Laser Tube Trimming Machine

NEW : Fibersaw®-F42 Series

High speed round tube cutting without burrs.

Have you ever considered laser cutting for sawing?

You can make perfectly clean parts in one single step on a laser system.

The fiber laser consolidates the cutting, measuring, brushing and washing with outstanding accuracy and repeatability. It even adds the possibility of doing more than just straight cut offProductivity of laser cut off can be surprising! Compare the piece cost of the two systems (traditional saw and laser) and then decide what one is best for you!


Our machine is the fastest tube cutter in the world

Fiber laser cutting system for pipes processing up to 42 mm in diameter.
Fibersaw®-Series are the compact machines in the Lasertube family designed for continuous production of smaller diameter (<42mm) and thinner wall tubes.
Simple to use and manage, extremely robust, designed for high production and frequent product changes.
Equipped with a 0,3 to 2 kW fiber source, FIBERSAW® is the right machine for thin wall and small diameter pipes and tubes.


SHORTEST TAKT TIME : 0,6 Sec/piece

Cutting Samples :

Tube steel Ø 19 mm - wall 0,3 mm - Lenght 500 mm
: TAKT Time = 0,86 sec
Tube steel Ø 32 mm - wall 0,4 mm - Lenght 285 mm
: TAKT Time = 1,52 sec


Power of fiber laser 300 ~2000W(optional)
Tube size range Round tube Φ6~40mm
Tube Wall thickness 0.12 ~ 3.0mm (depends on the material)
Max. Raw Material Length 6200mm
Cutting speed Max 0.6 ~ 1.4sec/ cut(depends on the thickness)
Max. Cutting Length 1200mm (optional longer)
Tube Remain Length 40mm
Accuracy ±0.1mm

Let us show you a unique way to cut pipe and tube method that is faster and cleaner than what you’re using now.

There are many ways to cut pipe and tube: band saws, cold saws, chop saws, shear,.. to name a few. But none can match our FIBERSAW

Superior performance in thin wall materials

The faster cutting speed of nitrogen assist fiber laser cutting on thin materials more than doubles machine productivity compared to any other cutting: thinner wall mild steel, stainless steel and galvanized are the materials that benefit the most from fiber laser cutting.

Zero laser maintenance required

The fiber laser does not require routine adjustments, component replacement or rebuilds. It does not consume laser gas. No need of saw blades or cutting discs. Laser beam quality is stable and consistent over time. It is ready to cut as soon as you turn it on. No warm up is required.

New materials for new opportunities

Copper and brass can be easily cut with fiber laser. Even tricky grades of aluminium and galvanized steel pipes are easily processed.

Far more efficient with much lower power consumption

The increased electrical efficiency of fiber laser technology drastically slashes the electrical consumption of the system, yielding savings on the utility bills and on the initial installation due to reduced requirements.
Minimum size, maximum production rate

FIBERSAW is small.

Occupying less floor space means having a smaller impact on the organisation of your production.
The ability to optimise the entire production flow and eliminate unneeded handling of bars and the parts frees up floor space and saves labor.

High speed processing and quality

Moving light, flexible tubes fast, without ever losing control and without the risk of jamming the loader: this is the result of our tube processing experience.




Fibersaw: super fast tube cutting machine : burr-free cutting of stainless steel tube

stainless steel tube diam 36 mm wall thickness 1, 6 mm cutting lenght 645 mm : with auto loading TAKT time : 3,48 sec super fast tube cutting


Nobody can beat FIBERSAW in saving material or saving energy.

  • With our high efficiency Fiber laser we consume only during some fraction of seconds cutting power, while a shear of a sawing machine has a 4-6 kW Sawing motor continiouly running at full power.  Our FIBERSAW consumes  minimal 50% less energy than any regular high speed sawing machine!

  • We have the smallest cutting GAP from all sawing machines = 0,1 to 0,2 mm max. While a normal sawing machine has a loss of matrial of 2 to 3 mm for each cut. example: A sawing machine with special thin sawblade of 2,4 mm gets only 185 parts of 30 mm out of a tube of 6000 mm while we get with our FIBERSAW® 198 parts out of 6000 mm tube: Our FIBERSAW® produces 7% more parts than any other sawing machine out of the same tubes!

  • The rest part (last crop) can be easily less than 40 mm, where many other Sawing machine makers AND tube laser cutting machines makers have aloss of 180 to 300 mm, FIBERSAW® guarantees the shortes losses at the end of the tube between all sawing machines!

  • The first crop is is less than 10 mm : saving extra material

FIBERSAW® cuts faster, more economical in material and energy and much cheaper than ANY other tube cutting machine.

Small diameter tube production on very high speed

6mm steel tube without inside deburring : takt time 0.68 second

Cutting solutions with high productivity

Tube Cutting Machine: CNC fiber laser SAW for tubes and pipes

The only high speed Fiber Laser SAWING machine on the market.


Reduce your costs: Cut with light, NO SAWBLADES!



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