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Standards related to Laser Safety

Conformity to Type A, B und C-Standards

EC-Directive Machinery - Basic requirements on safety and health

  • Directive 89/392/EEC (consolidated by 98/37/EC, 2006/42/EC)
Type A-Standards: Design principles and basic concepts for machines - Basic standards
  • Basic safety requirements
  • ISO 12100 P1, P2 “Safety of machinery - Basic concepts, general principles for design“
Type B-Standards: Generic standards
  • Type B1 Safety aspects
  1. ISO 13857 “Safety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs“
  2. ISO 13849-1 „Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Part 1: General principles for design“
  • Type B2 Safety related devices
  1. ISO 13850 “Safety of machinery - Emergency stop - Principles for design“
  2. ISO 14119 „Safety of machinery - Interlocking devices associated with guards - Principles for design and selection”
Type C-Standards : Product Standard - Detailed safety requirements for a particular machine or type of machines
  1. ISO 11553-2 „Safety of machinery - Laser processing machines - Part 2: Safety requirements for hand-held laser processing devices


Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - ANNEX 1

To Apply on portable Laser Welding

Essential health and safety requirements relating to the design and construction of machinery
The essential health and safety requirements laid down in this Annex are Manditory:

1.5.12 Laser radiation
Where laser equipment is used, the following should be taken into account:

  • laser equipment on machinery must be designed and constructed in such a way as to prevent any accidental radiation,
  • laser equipment on machinery must be protected in such a way that effective radiation, radiation produced by reflection or diffusion and secondary radiation do not damage health,
  • optical equipment for the observation or adjustment of laser equipment on machinery must be such that no health risk is created by laser radiation.
Responsibility of IEC
IEC 60825 Safety of laser products
  • P1: Equipment classification and requirements
  • P2: Safety of optical fibre - communication systems (OFCS)
  • P4: Laser guards
Responsibility of ISO
ISO 11553 Safety of machinery - Laser processing machines
  • P1: General safety requirements
  • P2: Safety requirements for hand-held laser


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