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Significant productivity gains

Lasermach provide full predefined units to replace any conventional welding system on any robot or automated machine.

Laser welding is an unknown or unexplored option for many manufacturers with automated welding applications, but it is just as easy to implement as other robotic welding systems. The fast travel speeds and low heat input of laser welding makes it especially well-suited for sheet metal welding applications that require precision and attention to aesthetics.

For operations now using MIG, TIG or resistance spot welding, a switch to laser welding can significantly improve productivity — saving time and money while still producing high-quality welds.  Implementing our Wobble-R units in your exisiting Robot welding linne is a piece of cake.

Wobble-R: Ready made wobble laser welding units

Gain a BIG Advantage with your Robotic Welding of next generation

Integrate our wobble-R prebuild fiber laser welding units in your existing MIG/TIG/MAG welding automation and move to next generation Robot Welding

Robotic laser welding is a cost-effective and flexible application for achieving high quality weldments. The combined flexibility of the robotic arm and capabilities of laser welding technology produce very sophisticated results.  In fact, laser welding offers so many advantages that some companies have switched their MIG and other welding applications over to laser welding. 

Fast, Precision-Driven Welding

The speed and accuracy provided by robotic laser welding solutions is unparalleled. The laser beam creates a very deep and precise weld, without inputting as much heat or energy into the material as is necessary for more traditional welding applications. Because the heat-affected zone is so much smaller, the weldment is more precise.

No Touch-Up Necessary

Welding without having to constantly rework or refinish? Most welding processes require a touch-up so the seam can look better. Not so with laser welding.  Laser welding is extremely focused, which allows it to weld clean. There isn't the distortion in the base material or seam that you often see with other applications. The resulting weldments are more attractive, making this the perfect application for sheet metal applications that require a clean finished look. Finally, with less refinish/machining work to be done, laser welding is able to provide faster production times.


Laser welding is an attractive option because it is not limited to a specific type of metal. Instead, it is suitable for a variety of different base materials. This adds greater flexibility to the application. In another way, robotic laser welding offers extreme flexibility when it comes to welding hard-to-access parts. The focused laser beam is more direct and less damaging to the material.

Cost savings

Using laser welding on products with high production volumes, long weld seams and/or many subcomponents results in impressive savings. These savings are primarily due to the high welding speed, the short intervals between the welding and the short changeover times. Furthermore, in cosmetic welds, directly visible to the customer, often manual finishing operations which would be needed after arc welding can be discarded when using laser welding. In industries such as the furniture industry, this can result in very significant cost benefits.

Robot-Ready laserwelding Machine

Fiber laser Welding Machines for Robot, cobot and automation


How to integrate our laser welding units in your robotisation to improve your welding cell

Robotic welding is one of the most common robotic applications in the industrial sector, being driven mainly by the automotive sector for the last several decades. Robotic welding is most productive when completing high-volume, repetitive welding tasks. With the new flexible robots and cobots small batch production and even single part production is in reach of any robot with Wobble-R Fiber laser welding units from Lasermach.

With robotic welding integration, you can:

  • Decrease Employee Risk to Burns & Hazardous Fumes
  • Increase Quality & Consistency of Welds
  • Decrease Time Required to Finish The Job
  • Decrease Space Needed to Perform Tasks
  • Decrease Labor Costs

with integration of our predefined Wobble-R units, you can:

  • Decrease even more Employee Risk to Burns & Hazardous Fumes
  • Increase Quality & Consistency of Welds
  • Increase drastically the welding speed
  • Decrease Time Required to Finish The Job
  • Decrease on a huge scale the post processing of your welded parts
  • Decrease drastically Labor Costs 
  • Decrease Heat-affected zone (HAZ) 

Wobble-R: Robot-Ready 1-3 kW fiber laser welding modules with adjustable welding width. Fit on every Robot, cobot and automated machine.

To build on new and exisitng Robots. Replace any oldMIG, TIG or MAG welding unit on your robot with a new ready made fiber laser welding unit from our Wobble-R Series

Remote Laser Welding  Robot-Ready System "Wobble-R" series

  1. High-quality beam with high-output (till 3 kW) by Direct fiber Laser oscillator
    • Low distortion & high-speed welding
    • High energy density allows low heat input welding.
    • Lower running cost
    • Energy conversion efficiency is more than 3 times as high as any other welding device, which reduces electricity costs.
    • Very small HAZ-zone (Heat affected Zone)
  2. Great condition tolerance
    • Increased tolerance for gap and target point misalignment (Unique adjustable process of Wobbling/Spinning process)
  3. Easy-to-use 
    • Easy settings of weld conditions 
  4. High functionality trepanning/wobbling head - Compact, lightweight, and easy maintainability
  5. Universal adaptable to any robot even for a not not specialized robot for Laser welding

Wobble-R+: Fiber Laser Welding Packages for Robot and machine integration with adjustable welding width

Pre-engineered laser welding units for robot cells are turnkey solutions for manufacturers or robot integrators who need to advance their capabilities for the future by automating welding processes to increase competitiveness, quality, and profitability.

Wobble-R+ Fiber laser wobble welding integration till 3kW for robots with vision

Adjustable Wobble diameter = Adjustable welding Width

The base model Wobble- R has a single robot interface suitable to most of the robot brands.

Our Wobble R-units suits following Robot brands














Omron / Adept 


and more

Robot-Ready laserwelding Machine

 Fiber laser Welding Machines for Robot, cobot and automation

The Wobble-R line of fiber laser welding products are configurable and based on a modular design, allowing you to meet changing market demands to ensure future competitiveness.

Replace your exisiting Welding unit by our Wobble-L laser welding unit

Automated production lines now include flexible manufacturing that provides the ability for robots to work on different types of products in the same workcell. Flexible production lines enhance the set-up investment longevity, maximize the space, increase productivity, and enable increased manufacturing volume. 

These ingenious flexible production lines are being installed across the globe, bringing a variety of benefits such as as being able to process multiple variations of a part without manual changeovers. Typically, product revisions require a good deal of additional floor space; flexible production lines remove any need for additional equipment for product revisions. We simply replace exiting welding units by our wobbleR+ units and bring your production to new heigths of quality, speed and economical savings.

This allows the same line to manufacture two different versions of a particular component in the same cell. A minor change in parameters no longer would require the part to be manufactured in a different cell or a manual intervention.  Different parts could flow through the same line, uninterrupted, with alternate programs being detected and run in real-time. This means that your existing line could process revised parts while also continuing to manufacture the legacy version. 

Flexible manufacturing lines also provide for routing flexibility which is the ability for multiple robots to perform the same application on the same part. At Lasermach, we offer customized solutions for multi-robot workcells based on product requirements. 

Furthermore, these flexible production fiber laser lines provide for more flexibility when there are necessary changes to the product volume. Any application, no matter the size of the robot, will have improved speeds with robots, allowing them to handle higher volumes and adjust more easily to changes. 

The sky is the limit; no matter the size of your company. Bringing ultimate flexibility and a variety of configurations to your production line is possible with the right tools and experts. Experts at Lasermach are ready to find a creative solution for you and bring your business to its full potential with a flexible manufacturing line. . 

Ready made Units for laser welding integration in automatic production lines

Wobble-L+: Laser welding units for Line automation - 1 -2 - 3 kW Wobble welding