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The future is Fiber laser!

Fiber Laser Plate Cutting

Pressure to manufacture products in shorter time periods and at lower costs is growing in conventional tube cutting.
With the  laser, entire process steps are no longer necessary, and this means immediate savings.
You expand your part spectrum and your range of customers at the same time.
The laser’s versatility makes it possible to produce small lot sizes quickly and efficiently and offers the flexibility needed to tackle custom jobs.
The broadened spectrum of design possibilities offered by laser cutting gives both manufacturers and their clients a clear competitive edge over conventional methods.

Shape the future

Fiber Laser Sheet and plate Cutting

LUMEN Combi PRO: 3th Generation from LASERMACH®

The new fiber laser combi Tube-sheet cutting machine even made better than before!

3-th Generation Combi fiber laser cutting machines

New design, better layout, higher quality, more affordable

Combined Fiber Laser cutting machines : Best of both worlds

Tube and sheet cutting in one machine

To our 2nd Generation Combined Fiber Laser cutting machines

To our 3nd Generation Combined Fiber Laser cutting machines

1000 Watt Fiber Laser

2000 Watt fiber Laser

3000 Watt fiber Laser

Fiber Laser Cutting Has Evolved

Introducing Fast, Powerful, and Affordable Machines backed by a 2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

on our CNC Fiber laser cutting machines


Our Lasermach CNC fiber Laser cutting machines are covered bya better than industry standard

2 year warranty.  

Most other CNC laser cutting machines suppliers have you covered for only 12 months.  

All Lasermach CNC Fiber laser cutting machines purchases also qualify for FREE Lifetime technical support via telephone and email.

Optimal max cutting thickness with Fiber laser in different materials

Cutting thickness and parameters for metal 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000w
Carbon steel (O2) 12mm 16mm 20mm 22mm
Stainless steel (N2) 5mm 8mm 12mm 14mm
Aluminum (N2) 3mm 8mm 10mm 14mm
Brass (N2) 3mm 6mm 8mm 10
Copper (O2) 2mm 4mm 4mm 5mm

Our laser machines bring you a cost-effective, low-maintenance, environmental-friendly solution to your organization.

We deliver Fiber Laser Cutting machines that provides quality cutting and tight tolerances, low productivity loss between jobs and less maintenance costs.

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